These are 2 Cockroach species that are very common in a multitude of locations all over the world. But there are many things that you may not know about the German Cockroaches and Oriental Cockroaches, so let’s find out more about them right away!

German Cockroaches

German Cockroach
German Cockroach

Known for living indoors, German Cockroaches have a light brown or even tan coloration. What makes them distinct is the fact that they can grow up to 16 mm in length and they also have two black horizontal stripes right behind their head. They do have wings, although you will rarely see them fly.

German Cockroaches prefer humid areas, which mean they will live in bathrooms and kitchens. Moreover, you will bring them in your home from another place via a box, bag or anything similar. These are scavengers that will feed off any food source out there, be it soap and toothpaste if necessary. They will even capitalize on the smallest portions of food out there!

The females can carry an ootheca of 32 eggs. Not all of these Cockroaches survive, but it’s still impressive to see how many eggs can be carried by a single female. On top of that, the German Cockroaches is also known for reproducing a lot faster when compared to any residential cockroach. Another thing to note is that the females tend to carry the egg cases for at least a day if not two before they actually drop them.

Oriental cockroaches

Oriental Cockroach
Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are known to be slower when compared to the other species. They are also known as water bugs and both of the sexes are flightless. However, their wings are rather large and that is a very important aspect to keep in mind. In order to thrive, these Oriental cockroaches need to have a place to hide. Their ootheca is around 12 mm in length and they can hold up to 18 eggs in total.

The ootheca will not generate any cockroaches if it’s stored in a place with temperatures under 0 degrees Celsius. Another interesting thing here is that the females have a vestigial tegmina, something that the males do not have. Moreover, you will also need to note that the Oriental cockroaches tend to be a lot harder to eliminate when compared to the other species out there.

They can resist to some insecticides, which is why they can easily deal with situations like this and in the end this will help them adapt a lot faster to any environment.

If you want to eliminate both oriental and german cockroaches, you will need to work with an exterminator. We are a team of experts focused on helping you eliminate these pests from your home as fast as possible. It’s crucial to keep your home clean and safe, which is why you may want to get in touch with our team and eliminate these roaches as fast as possible!

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