Now that temperatures are dropping, Rodents in Winter are becoming more and more active throughout the UK.

The problem is, Rodents like to hide in houses and buildings when temperatures are low. Many rodents such as rats, mice and squirells hide in the walls and become a nuisance for the people living inside of the house.

Droppings, bacteria, disease and viruses are all carried by rodents when they shelter inside of a building. One of the most common pest rodents, Rats, like to nest inside of buildings in warm, dark places. In fact, most problems with Rodents in Winter come from the fact that they nest inside of people’s homes.

How to prevent Rodents in Winter?

The first step to preventing rodents is making sure no food waste and crumbs are left in eating areas. A clean space is very important for preventing rodents. Secondly, looking out for early signs of infestation, such as droppings, small pieces of materials such as cardboard and plastic or other shredded materials. Scratching noises at night are a very big sign that an infestation is developing and that Rodents in Winter are entering your home.

A good way of securing your house against rodents is a full house proofing. This includes filling holes and cracks with steel wool and sealing them with sillicone or other expanding materials depending on the situation. This ensures that no rodents in winter can enter your home without you being aware.

If you suspect that you have an infestation, you should call a specialist to come and do a survey. Rodent infestations can develop very quickly, especially during mating season.

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