Pest controllers are expected to consider proofing as one of their first responses; so it’s important to know the ins and outs of each product; and what might work where. Successful proofing can achieve long term eradication fast. Product misuse can also cause serious property damage; so awareness of the pitfalls of each product is key.

Successful proofing can achieve long term eradication fast; which in turn will win customer loyalty and trust; so the right intel in this area will give any pest control professional a sharp competitive edge.

However, some pest-proofing products have been cleverly marketed to target the myths and fears out there; rather than actually target the behaviour traits of the target species; so it’s important to know what works and how. ¬†Misuse of some proofing products by the uninitiated can also cause serious damage to property; so awareness of the potential pitfalls of each product is paramount.

What proofing can be done in my loft?

Lofts are very difficult to proof; rodents will have come up at ground level somewhere to get to the loft; which means that they are coming sideways through your neighbours loft wall; or they are coming up through the cavity walls into the loft. It is easier for rodents to come through your neighbours loft; as there will usually be a visible hole that they are getting access through.

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