Pigeons control or removal in London can be a very difficult job for do-it-yourself service. Above all, feral pigeons are a well-adapted pest in the city; feeding on scraps of food and harbouring in and around buildings. With this comes significant mess; their nesting materials and droppings are unsightly and smelly.

Pigeons are nuisance pest and spread diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Salmonella. They also can seriously damage the roofs, the buildings or the monuments; with their guano droppings if bird control is not provided in time. Also, pigeons’ nests quite often block gutting and chimney flues.

How do we control pigeons in London?

  • Survey – We offer a free bird control survey to all your premises affected by pigeons; and pigeon excrement in the London area.
  • Treatment – Our pigeon control specialist will install nets and/or spikes all over the roof of your property; to prevent the birds from landing there.
  • Observation: If within the next period the pigeons continue to return to your property; we will send our technician take further measures.
  • Advice: Most importantly, at the end of the service; we will offer you a useful advice on how to avoid future problems with pigeons; seagulls and other kinds of birds.

Bird Control Proofing & Solutions

If you’re experiencing any problems with birds or pigeons; but don’t know whether they’re officially classed as pest birds, call one of our specialists. Above all, we can identify the species for you and advise on the appropriate bird removal methods. We can remove any pest bird or feral pigeon using humanely methods.

Our team of specialists deliver professional bird control services including Bird Waste & Pigeon Dropping Removal, Bird Netting and Bird Gel in London. For more information on our Pigeons Removal service in London, please contact a member of our team at 0203 151 6812.

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