This year was atypical for everyone. Aside from dealing with day to day problems, such as pests, everyone had to carry the burden of Covid-19 as well. Now, a big question needs to get its answer: Can pests carry Covid-19?

At the moment, there is no scientific evidence linking Pests and Covid-19. There is however, evidence that certain animals can get infected with Covid-19. These include house animals such as cats and dogs, but also cases of Mink, Deers and even ferrets. With the genetic mutation of the virus, it is likely that more and more species will be liable for infection and potentially transmission.

At the moment, there are no recorded cases of Covid-19 infection due to a pest, but that is not to say it could not have happened. Certain pests, such as rats and mice, are well known virus and disease carrier. It is almost impossible to track where you got infected, unofficial cases of infestation from Pests might have already happened.

Other pests such as squirrels and pigeons could also potentially be Coronavirus carriers.

How to prevent getting Covid-19 from Pests?

Even though the likelyhood of catching Coronavirus from Pests is very low, one must always take precautions in order to be protected. The best thing to do is to sanitize your home frequently. If you spot any Pests, make sure you take measures as soon as possible to avoid an infestation. Call a specialised pest controller and let them take care of the pests.

Our specialist technicians will always wear Covid-19 Protective gear such as masks, gloves and will try to abide with social distancing as much as possible. Please keep your windows open before allowing the technician inside.

If you spot a potential, infestation, do not wait. Call 0203 151 6812 and book your technician today. Protect your family from Covid-19 and Pests.

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