Latin name:   Vespula vulgaris (Common Wasps)
Lenght:   1.8 cm (European hornet) – 5 cm (Asian giant hornet)
Lifespan:   Queen – 12 Months, Workers – 22 days
Nest:   Each colony cycle consists of around 3000–8000 wasps.
Did you know:   Wasps eat grasshoppers, aphids, flies and even other bees.

Wasps Nest Removal in London. Guaranteed Eradication!

Wasps control and removal. Most active in the summer, wasps can be a real distressing pest problem at home or at work. Wasps are frightening, especially when it comes to their bites or stings. Our wasp control service in London will ensure you no longer have to be afraid of wasps; in or around your property. Whether you have a wasp nest in your attic, or outside in the garden, we can safely eradicate the problem and provide advice on stopping them from coming back.

Our wasps removal service is extremely fast and friendly, as we know how important it is to get rid of wasps as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide free quotes and surveys, that will allow us to find the nest or source of the wasp infestation. Our modern methods of wasp control will ensure the problem is dealt with in a way that is safe for your property and the people in it. If you need wasp control in London then make sure you get in touch with one of our expert team members, for advice on how we can help. We can get to your property in record timing and stop those wasps from ruining your day.

How you get rid of Wasps? Wasps control and removal.

By fumigating the nest or entry point.

How much do you charge?

We charge £65 per nest. Call us now and get rid of those pests!

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