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Latin name:   Rattus
Lenght:   32 cm – 46 cm
Lifespan:   1 – 2 Years
Sounds:   Yes
Did you know:   Rats take care of injured and sick rats in their group

Rats Control London. Guaranteed Eradication!

Rats in London are extremely common and also one of the most distressing pests to come across. They carry harmful diseases, cause damage to furniture or fixtures and fittings, whilst also contaminating food. Quite simply, rat control in London is extremely important if you do suspect you have these pests in your property. We provide an extremely high quality rat control service in London, which will ensure these pests are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Do you believe you have a rat problem? You may have noticed strange, scratching noises coming from parts of the property such as lofts and basements. You may even find rub marks, footprints, burrows or droppings. Any of these signs could hint at a rat infestation and you will need to consider control and removal right away. Our service will locate the source of the problem, deal with the pests using modern methods, and provide you with advice or solutions to prevent a reappearance. By the end of our visit, you should feel safe knowing that the rats are gone and there are ways to stop them from coming back. If you live in London and want to get rid of rats then make sure you give one of our friendly and expert team members a call.

We are dealing almost every day with rats infestation outside and inside of properties. Also we find rats droppings and activity in the sewage system, the solution for that is Noreturn Valve. Find the entry points or infested area and we treat, trap and block the entry points for long term solution.

How you get rid of Rats? Rat Control and removal.

By baiting, trapping and proofing.

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