Latin name:   Columbidae
Lenght:   From 13cm to 70cm
Lifespan:   3-5 Years
Sounds:   Yes
Did you know:   Bugs, lice, and fleas can be found on pigeons.

Pigeons Control in London. Guaranteed Eradication!

Believe it or not, pigeons are one of the most common pests in London. Those who live in flats or who work in an office block, will probably see several pigeons every now and then. However, these birds can soon take over large areas of space if they believe it is safe to nest. Pigeon control in London will ensure that the pests no longer invade your property, nor will they come back. We provide a whole range of control solutions, including pigeon proofing for your home or business.

If you notice an influx of pigeons in or around your property, then they probably have taken up residency somewhere. These birds can carry and spread disease, whilst causing an awful mess with their faeces. It is therefore important to invest in proper pigeon control and proofing as soon as possible. Pest Control 24 London is providing you with an extremely fast service, along with free quotes and surveys. We can come to your property and let you know exactly what the problem is and how we can deal with it, using our modern and research proven methods of control like loft cleaning, disinfect and pigeon proofing.

Everyone knows how toxic and dangerous is the pigeons droppings that way we have special team experts and qualified to deal with handling, cleaning and disinfect the affected area. In barely any time at all the pigeons will be gone and they won’t be coming back.

How you get rid of Pigeons? Pigeons pest control specialists.

Shooting, spikes, netting, cleaning and disinfect.

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