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Latin name:   Mus Musculus
Lenght:   3cm – 8 cm
Lifespan:   2 years
Sounds:   Yes
Did you know:   There are more than 30 known species of mice.

Mice Control in London. Guaranteed Eradication!

Finding mice in the home or workplace can be an extreme annoyance; not only do they pose potential health risks due to carrying disease, but they can also gnaw through furniture, wires and walls. We provide mice control in London that is fast, friendly and efficient. We can help locate the source of the issue, deal with any mice using modern methods, and provide advice and solutions to keep your home free from pests.

Mice control in London can be difficult to source, especially if you want a company that can do it all. We know exactly what methods work best on mice, that are safe for your home or workplace. Our expert team have been working on mouse control for quite some time, so we know exactly what we’re doing. If you’re unsure whether you have a mouse infestation then keep an eye out for the following signs: droppings or grease marks around the home, a strong ammonia-like smell which is their urine, tracks, footprints, nests, there may be scratching noises coming from strange places, and you may even see the mice themselves. If you notice any of these signs then you may need mouse control, so get in touch.

By bait and eradicate the mice infestation after that block all the entry points (proofing) all the gaps and holes under the kitchen units around the radiator pipes, grill vent and other potential entry points. We have hundreds of proofing job done and hundreds of happy costumers.

How you get rid of Mice? Mice control.

We treat so many moths infestation and we saw clothes damage, massive paces on the carpet under the bed, sofa or mattress damage and many more. Clothes moths are small, 1/2-inch moths that are beige or buff-colored. They are often mistaken for grain moths infesting stored food items in kitchens and pantries. Unlike some other types of moths, clothes moths are seldom seen because they avoid light. Moths control specialists can help you get rid of these pests for good. They prefer dark, undisturbed areas such as closets, basements and attics. Similar-looking moths spotted in kitchens and other well-lighted areas are possibly grain moths originating from cereals, dried fruit, nuts, or other stored foods.

How you get rid of Moths? Moth control specialists.

By baiting, trapping and proofing.

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