Bed Bugs


Latin name:   Cimex Lectularius
Lenght:   Adult bed bugs is 0.18 inches, 4.5mm
Lifespan:   An individual bed bug can lay 200 to 250 eggs in her lifetime
Sounds:   No
Did you know:   Hatchlings are so small they can pass through a stitch-hole in a mattress.

Bed Bugs Control in London. Guaranteed Eradication!

If you’ve found an infestation of bed bugs in your home; then you’re going to want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Our bed bug control Specialists in London will ensure these pests are removed from your home; so you can get a good night’s sleep. With a recent influx of bedbugs in the home thought to be bought on by more international travelling, we know how important it is thatthese pests are dealt with swiftly. If you need bedbugs control Team in London, then our fast and friendly team can help.

These parasites can cause plenty of emotional stress, whilst also causing physical problems. Theirtiny bites can become irritated and even cause infection through scratching. If you believe you have bedbugs in your home then it is vital we deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. Common signs of these pests include a dark stains or spots on your bedding and mattress, along with actually seeing the tiny insects themselves. We use the best methods available for bedbugs control form chemical to heat treatment, all of which are friendly on your home. You can rest assured that we are the best in London for bedbug control and pests control. By heat you property we get rid of bedbugs and eggs in same day, we make sure your house is left bedbugs-free after the treatment.

How you get rid of Bed Bugs?

We provide chemical treatment and heat treatment (optional), for bed bugs control.

How much do you charge for the treatment?

The prices variety from number of rooms. Call us now for a free, no obligation quote and get rid of those bed bugs pests! Bed bugs control in London!

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