Pest professionals are key workers during Covid 19 pandemic, here’s why.

Those who work in pest management and control are considered key workers in the Covid 19 pandemic. Last week, the UK Government released a list of key workers; who could continue to send their children to school during the pandemic.

While the pest management sector isn’t mentioned explicitly on the list; it is an essential part of many of the other sectors that are listed.

Health and social care

How can doctors, nurses, midwives and care workers continue to protect people if hospitals and care homes are riddled with rats and mice? We have a duty to help protect the most vulnerable; and those caring for them, from potentially deadly pathogens and disease.

Education and childcare

Schools are still open in order to look after children of other key workers. Children and education staff need safe classrooms; free from infestations to operate from. If a school closes due to an infestation who is going to look after the children of key workers?

Food and other necessary goods

From farm to fork, pest management is an essential part of protecting our food supply chain. Contamination, waste and disease need to be minimised at all costs during this pandemic. Pest management is an integral part of the supply chain.

Plus key public services, local and national Government, transport, utilities, communication and financial services; all tend to have pest management contracts. If any of these key industries are affected by an infestation during the pandemic, there could be catastrophic disruption to services.

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Credit for image and full article on BPCA website.

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