Cockroaches are ancient creatures and have been on Earth for millions of years. They are incredibly harmful to humans, as they can contaminate food products by transferring the disease, causing microorganisms. Then, ancient roaches were around 3.5 inches tall and were similar to those commonly found in tropical regions. 

This article will discuss why cockroach removal is so complex and why you need to hire pest control London specialists. 

Pest Control London: Why is cockroach removal so difficult? 

Since cockroaches have been living in this world for millions of years, they can adapt to any changes in the environment and live in almost any place. Let us see why their removal is so difficult: 

Roaches are adaptable

Emergency Pest Control London services state that roaches can adapt to any environment. They can live without food for years, and since they are cold-blooded, they are found in humid areas, too. 

They can also live without their head because they do not depend on their head and mouths for breathing. Also, they breathe through small holes in their body. But you should know that cockroaches cannot live more than a week without food and water. 

Roaches are very fast.

Humans can walk 3 to 4 miles an hour; roaches can equate this speed. Though tiny, they have six legs with three knees in each leg. Since the joints in the knees are high, they can run very fast and cover long distances. This fast movement helps to protect themselves from invaders like lizards, toads, spiders, and other rodents. Pest control London companies state that due to their speed, it becomes challenging to remove them. 

Cockroaches can eat anything.

Cockroaches love eating starchy, sweet, and greasy food, including meat products but note that they are not picky. They can eat anything. Commonly; any living organism needs food to live; unlike other organisms’ roaches can eat cheese, leather, glue, hair, starch in book bindings, flakes of dried skin, decaying matter, wallpaper, and even beer.

Pest control Ealing companies say that cockroaches can even drink alcohol, and they love to drink it when they are given a chance. 

Pest Control London: Steps to Get Rid of Cockroaches

It is best to remove the sources on which cockroaches thrive to get rid of a cockroach infestation. Start with the following: 

A thorough clean

A thorough cleaning will make your place free from cockroaches and your home hygienic again. Cockroaches leave behind grease particles and poo, so make sure you clean the entire space thoroughly to remove their poo and grease particles. Wipe your kitchen tops, keep your floors clean, and never leave dirty dishes in the sink. This may look like a lot of effort, but making your home cockroach accessible is necessary. 

Seal up cracks

Pest Control Muswell Hill companies state that whenever you find an entry point in your home, you should seal it. As soon as you find gaps in cupboards, doors, and walls, fill them because they serve as entry points for the pests. 

Removing their food sources

Take your bins out regularly, and don’t leave food open anywhere in your home. It’s good practice and will mean you won’t share your meals with the cockroaches.

Fix those leaks

You know, there’s a tap outside that drips, you know, the one attached to the hose or perhaps it’s the one under the sink. Wherever a leak may be, it’s time to tighten up on making your property cockroach-proof. Drain standing water in your sinks, and don’t overwater your indoor plants – we don’t want to be encouraging and keeping those pests alive.

Do not hesitate to seek professional help.

Unfortunately, dealing with a cockroach infestation is not easy at all. You will have to get professional help at some time. Some infestations are very deep-seated, and locating and stamping them out becomes challenging. While many over-the-counter insecticides are available to deal with the infestation, cockroaches are generally resilient to them, and the infestation will bounce back once the roaches start laying eggs again. 

The best method is to use the help of pest control London companies as they are known to eradicate even deep-seated infestations in the most effective way possible. 

Pest Control 24 London is a proud provider of pest control services in London and surrounding areas of London. No matter what pest infestation problem you have, we have a team of experts to eradicate it. 

London faces daily problems with pests like rats, mice, and cockroaches. It is essential to call our team immediately as soon as you spot an issue, as pests carry a range of harmful diseases. 

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