Do you know that there are more than 12000 species of flies in the world? Luckily, few species are found in the United Kingdom, and very few in our homes. While all the species have some traits in common, such as pest control London companies suggest that we distinguish among the several species to eliminate them. 

Have you, too, got a fly infestation in your London homes? If yes, here is our guide that will help you identify some common flies found in our homes and how to get rid of them. Please read the article to learn more about the various types of flies in the United Kingdom and how to prevent them from recurring. 

Pest Control London: Common Flies Found in London

Blue Bottle Flies

Pest control Ealing services say that blue bottle flies are similar in size to the common housefly, but their blue colour can easily identify them. They have large red eyes and transparent wings. Their larvae are white and resemble small grubs. 

The blue bottle flies are found most commonly in the United Kingdom, and you will most likely spot them on walls and windows of your homes. 

How are they attracted to your home? 

Services providing pest control in London say that these flies tend to enter homes looking for a place to keep warm and nourished during winter. They are particularly attracted to decaying flesh, so an infestation of bluebottle flies may indicate a dead or rotting animal in your home or walls. They are also attracted to faeces and household waste. 

How do we get rid of blue bottle flies? 

Here are some ways to get rid of bluebottle flies as suggested by pest control London companies:

  • Make sure to locate and remove the source of infestation. If they are hovering over your dustbin, you should clean it. 
  • If the infestation is due to a dead and decaying animal, it is time to locate the dead body and remove it immediately from your home.  
  • Keep the doors and windows closed. It will prevent the flies from entering your home in the first place. 

You can contact professional services providing Pest Control in London for total removal

Autumn Fly

A female autumn fly also looks similar to a common housefly. These flies have large red eyes and transparent wings. The female fly is approximately larger than the male fly. You can easily find autumn flies around your home, and you can also find them hovering around your pets. Autumn flies irritate these animals by feeding on their saliva and are also known for transmitting diseases here and there. 

What attracts autumn flies to home? 

According to Emergency Pest Control London services, autumn flies will enter your house during autumn to prepare for hibernation. Also, they will enter your home looking for food. 

How to get rid of autumn flies? 

  • Keep your door and windows closed
  • Seal any gaps 
  • Use insect-proof screens

If the infestation is out of hand, contact professional pest control company London services. They use insecticides and other professional methods to get rid of autumn flies. 

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are usually larger than houseflies and are covered in golden brown hairs. They are easily identified through their wings. Cluster flies typically enter higher building levels, so you’re most likely to find these flies in your attic. During sunny winter days, cluster flies may become warm and try to travel towards light, which is why you’ll often find cluster flies near your window.

What attracts them to your home? 

Pest control London companies say cluster flies like to live outdoors but enter your home during colder months looking for a warm place to rest. 

How to get rid of them? 

Cluster flies are difficult to manage as they are usually found in areas that are hard to reach. They can only be tackled by professionals who use insecticides and electronic fly killers to remove them. They can also suggest ways so that they do not enter your property again. 

Who provides the best treatment for flies in London? 

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