It is hard to believe, but pigeons are a nuisance to the human population. No matter their attractiveness, they cause many diseases and property damage. Hence, it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

In this blog, we will give you some basic knowledge of pigeon behaviour, as well as a range of ways to keep them away. Continue reading to discover more. If you are interested in our pest control services in London, call us anytime for a free quote. 

Pest Control London: Knowing about Pigeon Behaviour

Pigeons are known for their beauty but feared for their behaviour. The feral pigeons in London are a threat to home and business owners. You can see them in large numbers on your rooftops because they gather together for roosting. 

Even if you try to go to great lengths to get rid of them by not feeding them, one person or other unknowingly feeds them by dropping food on the ground or by leaving the lids of the bins open. 

Cockroaches and bed bugs are dependent on humans for their survival; similarly, pigeons are also dependent on humans for their survival. Since they feed on grains, they can be commonly found in agricultural areas, parks, large recreation areas and restaurants. 

Pigeons regularly drop their waste on roads and buildings, which eventually damage the exteriors of a structure. Additionally, people can skid or wall on their waste, and we tell you that feral pigeons carry a lot of diseases, too.

With so many problems, it becomes essential to take the help of a professional service offering pest control in Kensington, London, to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Pest Control in London: How can you get rid of pigeons without hurting them? 

According to the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, it is illegal to kill pigeons or any other bird. This means you can only scare them and repel them away. The best way to do it, according to experts providing pest control in Notting Hill, is Falconry. 

What is Falconry? 

Falconry is a method in which birds of prey are used to scare pigeons. When they get scared, they will not build their nests on your roofs. 

We make birds of prey circle and fly over the problem area regularly. Pigeons soon get a message that a predator now occupies their territory, and they will leave that place. 

Using natural threats is the most humane way to eliminate pigeons in London. It will not only protect your property but also from several diseases that spread from pigeon waste. 

What are other methods to keep pigeons away?

As already told, Falconry is the most natural and effective method of pest Control in LondonYou can also use certain precautionary measures like removing bird feeders, but these things will not break up their habit of roosting. 

In this part of the blog, we will explore some additional methods to keep pigeons away :

Use Anti Bird Spikes

You can use anti-bird spikes in the areas you want to keep bird-free. The spikes will not harm the birds, which is, of course, very good if you want to stay on the right side of the law. However, these anti-bird spikes will surely deter the pigeons from setting up their nests wherever they like. 

Parallel Wires

Some areas of the home are very attractive for birds. You can bird-proof them and keep the pigeons away by using parallel wires. This method works by using parallel wires across the entire structure, which will prevent pigeons from landing and nesting.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is one of the most effective ways to keep pigeons away. This method uses a mesh network to create a barrier and prevent the birds from nesting. 

Bird gels

A bird gel is a sticky repellent that is a barrier around the structures. When birds land on them, their feet get stuck in them, and hence, they struggle to get free. A pigeon will not want to go through this experience the second time, and they will try their best to keep away from these sticky gels.


Lasers can be one of the effective ways to keep pigeons away. The piercing light makes pigeons blind while they are looking for an area to nest and breed. However, this method is effective only initially. Once adapted to lasers, they leave their way and continue their natural process. 

What do pigeons hate? 

Pigeons hate birds of prey. That is why professional companies offering pest control in London suggest that Falconry is the best method to drive pigeons away. 

Additionally, pigeons also do not like the smell of cinnamon and hot pepper spray. You can try reaching the areas where pigeons are roosting or breeding and spraying these substances to drive them away. 

A pigeon infestation is a serious matter. But rest assured, Pest Control 24 London can help. We recommend our readers to use our falconry services if they are going through pigeon infestation. It is a highly effective and one of the most humane ways to control them. We offer pest control in Kensington, Notting Hill and other areas of London as well.

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