Are you dealing with a flea infestation on your carpet? Tiny and resilient pests such as fleas can multiply very quickly and cause discomfort to both humans and pets. And even though flea infestation is common in homes with pets, the homes in London that do not have pests are not immune to this problem. 

However, there is nothing to worry about. We are here to provide you with some effective tips that will help you eliminate the fleas from your carpets. We have made this step-by-step guide for our readers to help them in the flea removal process. 

So, let us begin. Read carefully if you, too, are dealing with flea infestation on your carpet. 

Can Fleas live in Carpets? 

Yes, fleas live on the carpets. The carpet proves to be an ideal environment for them to hide, reproduce and grow. They lay their eggs on a host animal like a pet, and these eggs can easily land on carpets. A flea most commonly emerges from its pupal form and then detects the presence of a host nearby. 

Pest Control Hammersmith: Can fleas live in carpets without pets? 

Though fleas love to feed on the blood of animals, they can even survive without a host. A home that does not have a pet is not guaranteed to be free from pests. Fleas can infest a house in several ways: 

Fleas From outside

Pets are not the only sources that bring fleas to a home. They can also enter through open doors and windows. They can also stick to clothes and can come inside their homes. Once they are inside, they then make their home in the carpets. 

Previous Infestation

The eggs, larvae and pupa of the previous flea infestation may still be present in your carpet after you have moved to a new house or an apartment. 

Fleas From Outside

When your friends and family visit your home with their pets, they can bring fleas to your home. Infestation of carpet can still occur if the pets are not present regularly in your home. 

Any Nearby Flea Infestation

Fleas can migrate from other homes with poets to your property and infest your carpet. 

Pest Control Muswell Hil: What are the common signs of fleas in the carpets? 

  • Flea-infested areas have a musty odour. Large flea populations produce this odour. 
  • Itchy bites on the feet and lower legs can be a sign of flea infestation in the carpets. 
  • Flea droppings are also known as flea dist. They are tiny black drops that resemble black pepper. When you spot them in your carpets, it is most likely that you are dealing with a flea infestation. 
  • A flea egg is very challenging to spot as it is extremely tiny. When you notice small white oval-shaped eggs or tiny worm-like larvae, then you are dealing with fleas. 
  • Adult fleas are agile and can jump long distances. When you observe tiny insects jumping over the surface of your carpets, it is a sign that you are dealing with a flea infestation, according to professionals offering pest control in Muswell Hil
  • If you have a pet in your home and if they constantly bite and scratch themselves, especially around their lower backs, it is a definite sign of flea infestation. 

Pest Control in Hammersmith: How can you kill fleas naturally? 

It is possible to kill fleas naturally. Here are some home remedies for our readers. 

Diatomaceous Earth

You can sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on your carpets. This product is generally derived from aquatic organisms and helps in killing fleas. Sprinkle them on the carpet, let it sit and then vacuum it. Try it and let us know. 


Salt is a very effective flea killer. Sprinkle salt on your carpet and leave it for one or two days. Salt not only kills fleas but also kills their eggs. 

Baking Soda

You can also treat your carpets with baking soda to get rid of fleas. Allow baking soda to sit on the carpet after applying it. To remove the baking soda and dead fleas, vacuum your carpets thoroughly. 

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is an effective way to eradicate fleas. It is a natural and environmentally safe way to kill pests. It delivers rapid results as fleas and their eggs get killed at higher temperatures. 

Please keep in mind that home remedies for flea elimination can be helpful, but they may not be as powerful as chemical methods. 

If you are facing a problem with getting rid of fleas with natural methods, we recommend you contact a professional company offering pest Control in Hammersmith. 

Pest Control Hammersmith: How can we help? 

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