In the previous article we we’re talking about Mice Pest Control, and how dangerous are these pests.

In regards to pest management, there are two common types of mouse in the UK to be aware of:

  • House mouse (Mus musculus domesticus)
  • Field mouse or wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus).

If you come into contact with a mouse, chances are it’s a house mouse. These mice are known as “commensal rodents”, which refers to them living with or in close proximity to humans. Field mice are much more suited to nesting outdoors and consequently will move indoors once the weather gets colder.

Habitat: how mice choose a home – mice pest control

House mice rely on warmth and shelter for nesting sites; and our readily available food sources.

Nests are often built in places such as Roof spaces, under floors or in wall cavities, sheds, basements and also storage boxes. Consequently wherever there is access to a good source of food and safe, warm harbourage to breed.

Outdoors, field mice will excavate burrows in which to build nests of dry grass, as a result they will also den among rocks and crevices.

Their main priority will be building a nesting site that isn’t accessible to predators, including cats, foxes, birds and even other rodents, like rats.

If you ever have problems with mice around your house or business; contact Borehamwood Pest Control Specialists, and let them take care of the problem for you!

Credit for image, video and full article on BPCA website.

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