Mice Pest Control. Mice are a part of British wildlife; – but when they take up residence with you, they can be a cause for concern. Active all year round, mice are one of the most common pest species in the UK.

Whether you’re thinking about doing some DIY pest control or you’re looking to enlist the help of a professional pest management company, this guide is for you.

Mice are small mammals of the order Rodentia. Although commonly identified as pests, some are bred and kept as pets. Globally there are hundreds of types of mouse, including varieties such as the deer mouse (Peromyscus); house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus); wood/field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus); Edible dormouse (Glis glis); spiny mouse (Acomys) and even the striped zebra mouse (Lemniscomys).

The dangers: why we control mice – Mice Pest Control

Although mice are often considered to be cute by some people, they are a public health pest and can cause serious harm.

Mice have been known to spread nasty diseases – such as Salmonella and Listeria – to humans through their urine, droppings and bedding.

Mice around businesses – When to call Pest Control

Property and land owners have a legal obligation, under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 to keep premises rodent free; or, if rodents pose a threat to health or property, to report infestations to the local authority.

If clients and customers spot evidence of rodent infestation in the premises you manage; they are unlikely to want to do business with you. And several widely shared social media posts can help spread a negative image.

We will continue this series of articles for next weeks, so stay close. And don’t forget, if you ever need Pest Control Services don’t hesitate to contact us.

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