Is it an urban myth that rats can swim up through your toilets? Unfortunately not. It’s a terrifying reality we’ve encountered many times in our years of business – in one case when our client was actually using the toilet!

Rats will never be entirely eliminated; instead we need to find ways to live alongside them without them getting into our properties. This includes protecting the most private part of your home from unwanted furry invaders.

How can rats swim up through your toilet?

Rat swimming up the toilet

Rats are strong enough to swim upstream, have incredible stamina and can hold their breath for up to three minutes, which is more than enough time to make their way through the average drainage system and up through the toilet.

How can I stop rats swimming up through my toilet?

Luckily, there are rat blockers. Rat blockers are one-way non-return valves that allow water and waste to pass through the pipe but don’t allow anything to come up the other direction. They are constructed from stainless steel which even the most determined rat won’t be able to gnaw through.

You should also have your drains inspected and repaired if necessary to make sure that there are no openings through which rats can enter your drainage system.

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While rat blockers can be installed directly in the wastewater pipe of your toilet; they are best installed as far down the drainage system as possible. A pest emerging from your toilet is an absolute nightmare scenario; but ideally you don’t want rats getting into your drainage system at all. Rats can gnaw through almost anything; so even if they’re blocked from getting to your toilet; they can still cause damage further down your pipes.

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