Mice control in London – Every winter, thousands of homes across London are affected by the seemingly innocent house mice. Due to lower temperatures outside, the little critters find their way through nooks and crannies in walls that are not properly insulated and proofed. Rats can enter through cracks ½ inches large and mice can even squeeze through a hole ¼ inches in diameter. That is smaller than a 1 penny coin!

Signs of a rat or mice infestation:

  • Noises at night. The first sign of a pest infestation is the noise that rodents make when walking or scratching. If you hear this at night, make sure to contact us!
  • The smell of urine is another common sign of a pest infestation.
  • Chewed up boxes or pieces of paper.
  • Mice droppings that look like little pieces of chocolate.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, our mice control London team has the expertise to proof your home against pests. Chemical treatment or mice traps might also be needed in more severe cases of infestation. We can also advise you on what to do in order to make sure pests stay away from your home with helpful industry tips and tricks.

Our team of technicians observes social distancing rules while on the job and are all equipped with disposable gloves and face masks for your safety.

Mice control services in London

What we can do to help you in case of a rodent problem:

  • Rodent-proofing your house. Rodent-proofing is one of the most efficient ways to make sure you never see a mouse in your house. It Includes sealing gaps that rodents can use to enter your home with a special substance that hardens and makes it impossible for them to enter.
  • Mouse traps are a safe way to deal with a small rodent infestation or if you only spot one clandestine mouse.
  • Chemical treatment is the way to go when there is larger infestation that can not be dealt with mouse traps.

If you are looking for mice control services in London give us a call at 0203 151 6812. We also offer emergency pest control services in London.

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