Here is how you can get rid of kitchen cockroaches, practical solutions and products provided below. Kitchen cockroaches are insects that belong to the Blattodea order. They can be found in any type of space, all year round, regardless of the season, especially indoors.

Signs of infestation

Being nocturnal insects, their presence is more noticeable at night. Due to their size, as well as the characteristics of the species, the presence of an infestation is obvious.

Types of treatments to get rid of cockroaches

Types of treatments to get rid of cockroaches

In order to get rid of kitchen cockroaches; you can use treatments made with concentrated insecticides applied by spraying; with ready-made insecticides or with insecticides that act as growth regulators. You can also use traps for monitoring.

Since the main cause of their appearance is the lack of cleanliness; a very important aspect is that, before carrying out specific treatments; you must clean out and then maintained in the problem space.

Therefore, you must to do periodic cleaning of kitchen appliances; because they can feed on the remains of fat and food present there; (for example, under and behind the stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, but also around and under the sink, etc. ); you must keep food in sealed containers; you need to vacuum surfaces frequently to remove food crumbs, etc.

You need to take measures as soon as you see any sign of a pest infestation. Otherwise, the more the degree of infestation increases, the more difficult and expensive the treatment becomes.

Also, an important step in the effective fight against kitchen cockroaches; is the identification and sealing of their access ways in the home.

Insecticide treatments applied by spraying

To get rid of kitchen cockroaches, you need to use treatments with insecticides applied by spraying. They act when harmful insects come into direct contact with the solution. The treatments are applied in the spaces where the activity of insects has been detected, after a thorough cleaning.

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