Buying or renting a new home is one of the most critical steps in anyone’s life. When you move to a new home or open a new store, the pest inspection should be on the top of your to-do list. Unoccupied buildings make the perfect shelter for mice, cockroaches, birds, and termites. Unwanted pests can also cause issues inside and outside the building. 

This blog will help you to Pest Control in London, however, solve all your problems. We have brought some steps that will help you determine if there are pests in your home. Please read carefully to get some valuable insights: 

Pest Control in London

Common Pest Red Flags

  • Make sure to look for live or dead insects
  • Gaps or openings in the home can give easy access to pests. Look for a gap larger than ¼ inches
  • Do not forget the yard. There are large amounts of ant moulds there
  • There can be nests of pests in yards and inside homes. Please make sure to remove everything before you enter the new property. 

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Emergency Pest Control in London

Signs of Termites

  • Termites build mud tubes on the walls and basement walls 
  • If you see a weak or hollow-sounding wood in the house, the house has termites. Termites feed on wood beneath the surface, thus making it hollow. Therefore you can listen to the hollow sound when you tap it. 
  • There is potential yard damage which involves decks and wooden fence posts. 
  • Pest Control 24 in London, is always there for you to perform emergency termite inspections, so that you can move to your property worry-free. We are the best service providing pest control in Ealing
pest control in Ealing

Signs of Carpenter Ants

  • Carpenter Ants primarily attack wood that has been softened by moisture. Therefore, make sure to look for signs of moisture damage. 
  • These pests can also make the wood hollow. Repairing costs can burn a hole in your pocket so be careful while moving to a property that has been infested by carpenter ants and termites. 
  • Carpenter ants are big, they are ¼ inch to ½ inch long and deep black in colour. 
  • In the areas where carpenter ants are active, you will notice a pile of sawdust near the entry holes

Signs of Mice and Rats

  • Mice and rats leave telltale pellet droppings behind them. 
  • You can hear scratching and squeaking noises behind walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Gnawed wiring is a common sight
  • Make sure to open cabinets, look in pantries and all electrical appliances for these signs

You can also take the help of professional services providing pest control in London, for inspection of your new home. Prevention is always better than the cure. 

pest control London

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not an issue in a home that is for sale because these infestations leave with the owner’s belongings. However, if you are purchasing a townhouse or a condo that shares walls with other units, make sure to properly inspect bed bug problems. They can be a pain in the neck if ignored. It’s easy to tell if you have pests by smelling around the building. Rats smell like urine or ammonia. It’s common to describe cockroaches as having an oily smell. Similar to rats, bedbugs have a musty smell. Take strong sniffs in each room to accomplish this.

In such cases, your best bet is to use the services of qualified pest exterminators. You can ask them to investigate the hidden pest problems in the property before you move into it. You can always reach out to Pest Control 24 IN LONDON, as we have the most experienced staff and we provide 24/7 service in London and surrounding areas. We also provide emergency pest control in London. You can always reach out to us in case of any dire emergency. 

We can handle all types of pests including mice, rats, wasps, bed bugs, and other insects and rodents. Please feel free to reach us anytime and we will never let you down. That is our promise to all our clients. 

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