Winning the battle against COVID-19 starts with Disinfection Services! As the global effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to evolve; Pest Control 24 London remains firmly committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Disinfection Services Experts

As the cleaning experts, Pest Control 24 London works closely with customers; to understand which areas require disinfection and deep cleaning. Our focus is on establishing the cleaning solutions and methodology depending on our customers’ needs and severity level – we will work closely with you to ensure we provide the solutions that adhere to guidelines established by local authorities. Disinfection Services in London area.

Minimise the risk of infection

To minimise the risk of infection for our customers on customer sites; we have partnered with suppliers to provide a supply of masks, hand sanitisers, and hand-wash. We also offer ‘step-up cleaning’ (high-frequency cleaning to disinfect high-touch) and deep cleaning.

Depending on the severity levels, we advise customers on how to minimise risks through step-up cleaning. We continually keep our customers informed and aware of good hand hygiene habits; social distancing and advising in case of symptoms for the virus.

If you need disinfection services for your home or business call us at 0203 151 6812.

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