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Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use study is saying that rodenticide resistance in rats has been confirmed in several new areas; acording to pest control news.

These include Durham, Northumberland, Tyneside and North Yorkshire; Greater Manchester and along the River Severn valley from Somerset to north west Shropshire, northern East Anglia and Devon.

Surveillance in 2019 by University of Reading’s Vertebrate Pests Unit; covering house mice as well as rats pest control; finds 93% and 61% respectively carrying at least one rodenticide-resistance gene.

Among rats, nearly half have inherited the gene from both parents. The new locations add to an existing widespread; presence in central southern England. One of the genes previously identified only on the Anglo-Welsh border; was found in North Yorkshire, Merseyside and Essex.

This appears to be happening, for example, into Devon on the west, or Kent and East Sussex in the east. A similar phenomenon may be responsible for finding rats carrying a resistance gene in central London.

Prof Colin Prescott

Meanwhile, pest control technicians, farmers and gamekeepers in these priority areas are being encouraged to submit 2-3cm tail tip samples from rats that died by non-poison means.

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