At Pest Control 24 London, we continue working within the relevant COVID-19 Guidelines as set out by the UK Government. We’re looking after our employees and feel it’s important to do the same for you. Today we are investigating a notable rodent increase across the country in order to keep you, our audience and customers, well-informed.


So what’s the reason for this sudden surge?

With many companies working from home, villages, towns, cities and the buildings within them are experiencing a drop in footfall. Not only are less people visiting such areas, countless buildings are standing empty. Uninhabited spaces provide rats and mice with the environment to shelter and search for food. Great for them, not so much for us.

What sort of increase are we talking about?

Having carried out a survey, the British Pest Control Association, known as the BPA, recorded rather shocking statistics. We’re looking at:

  • Rat Activity: 51% increase
  • Mice: 41% increase

Of course, these numbers do make sense when based upon inactivity across the UK. Office blocks, restaurants, cafes and retail stores are just some of the many industries remaining empty since 23rd March this year, to date.

Rat Intelligence is Increasing

A drop in footfall shows rats becoming braver. Eager to make comfortable homes in deserted buildings, experts have a sharp eye on how their lifestyle patterns are steadily altering. Rats are realizing how lesser populated areas are becoming void of food. Without necessary sustenance, rodents must find a new environment to  thrive.

Now here’s the clever part;

Rats and mice are moving further afield and although programmed to avoid humans, with less people around, they’re seemingly not afraid to be seen. It’s all about survival for them. Due to this upsurge of movement and with less people, rats in particular are more likely to be spotted.

Remember: Rats Multiply FAST

With such an influx it’s intrinsic to keep in mind just how quickly the common rat population grows.

many rats sheltering in building

Let’s take a look at some stats;

  • Female rats produce anywhere between 7 and 14 babies in any single litter
  • Litters can reach up to 5 in just a single year
  • Females are ready to reproduce at just 5 weeks
  • Rat population can grow from 2 to 15,000 in a YEAR

These statistics are based upon rodents experiencing perfect environments. At this point in time, the UK is practically handing rats environments of the utmost suitability.

What are the potential results of this rodent increase?

It goes without saying that rats carry disease. Relevant, increased levels of pest control services are certainly required during this time. Pest management teams are having to secure homes and healthcare facilities more regularly than usual. In addition, these dedicated key workers, including our team, are having to work around the clock in order to defend hospitals and the food manufacturing industry from infestation.

How can we help you?

Our highly experienced team at Pest Control 24 London have been dealing with issues such as this for 15 years. Working across the london area we provide an emergency pest control service. Upon determining levels of urgency we will inspect, consult (abiding by the necessary guidelines) and treat.

problem, solution chalkboard showing how we can help

Don’t allow the upsurge of rats to become a larger problem than it potentially could be. Get in touch with us to discuss your pest problems, today.

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