Some companies offer residential pest control, others offer commercial pest control; and some offer both services (like Pest Control 24 London). The scope of both services is the same: get and keep pests out. However, there are a few key differences between residential and commercial pest control services.

How are commercial and residential pest control services different?

The two types of pest control differ in many ways. However, these are the 4 biggest things that set them apart:

  • Commercial pest control services move faster than residential

It’s a lot easier to temporarily relocate a family than it is to shut down an entire business for multiple days. That’s why commercial pest control companies tend to have quicker turnarounds; that result in minimal disruption. This also comes with a higher cost; but most businesses save more from not having to shut their doors for as long.

  • Residential pest control services are more “consistent”

Most homes are very similar. That means that the pest problems they face tend to be similar, as well. Most residential pest problems can be solved using the same couple approaches every time.

That means residential pest control companies typically don’t have the same breadth of custom knowledge that commercial pest control companies do. Commercial buildings have a lot more variation depending on the business involved (food service, healthcare, retail, etc.). Therefore, commercial pest control companies have the experience to create custom treatment plans to account for those variations.

  • Commercial pest control companies are often more experienced with preventative pest control measures

Because commercial pest control companies have more experience working with custom environments; they also have more experience with offering long term preventative measures. Sometimes a businesses’ building is more susceptible to pests because of its location or other residents.

  • Commercial and residential environments are fundamentally different

Homes are, in general, smaller than businesses, and they tend to attract certain varieties of pests. You’re more likely to find ants, bed bugs, and fleas inside of residential homes; because they more commonly contain the fabric-heavy environments they prefer.

Businesses are less likely to get bed bugs, but they’re more likely to get pests like rats and cockroaches; because it’s more common to have a commercial building closer to environments; (for instance, abandoned property) where those types of creatures thrive.

How do I find a pest control company that’s right for my business?

You want to make sure you choose a company that specializes in the type of pest that’s bothering you, like Pest Control 24 London, for example! We can say that with confidence because our expert team is knowledgeable in both residential and commercial pest control as well as any pest that could be bothering you!

From rats to bed bugs to ants, the trained team at Pest Control 24 London is on standby, ready to help. If you’re looking for quality pest control in London, give us a call at 0203 151 6812.

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