Bed bugs removal tips – You can find bed bugs in and around the bed area. Most would think to look in their mattress if they suspect an infestation of this common pest. However, these minuscule travelers often hide in a variety of unusual places that one would not think to look.

Bed bugs removal – here are some unusual hiding places for bed bugs:

Bed bugs removal – purses

These pests are often an unexpected shopping buddy as they hide in the seams and pockets of purses. When purses are placed on the ground or near furniture, bed bugs have the perfect opportunity to hop in.

Bed bugs removal – stuffed animals

Kids love to take their favorite fluffy friends out and about with them. Consequently, this puts them at risk for coming into contact with bed bugs who may find their fur as the perfect home. Most importantly, washing and drying stuffed animals on a hot cycle can help get rid of any bed bugs.

Bed bugs in school buses

Students can have some unwelcome classmates when making the commute to and from school. Bed bugs (removal) are found in the upholstery of school bus seats and can jump onto students back packs and clothing. Therefore, checking vacuuming backpacks and washing and drying clothes on hot cycles; can ensure these pests aren’t coming home from school.

Bed bugs in airplanes

Even bed bugs can take to the skies. You can find Bed bugs burrowed in seats, carpet, and vents on airplanes. This makes it extremely crucial for travelers to take precautions, such as vacuuming out your suitcase, after a trip.

If you suspect that these hitchhiking pests may have infested one of these unusual items or places, contact a licensed pest professional in a timely manner. Call a professional for bed bugs removal and let him take care of the problem, as this is not a DIY pest job.

Credit for the image and full article on Pest World website.

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