Ants are among the more neglected pests because they have an innocuous reputation. However, not knowing what havoc they can wreak in your home can develop into a serious concern later. Whether it is that lone ant trailing across your living room or a bunch, you should probably address the problem straight away. This is where Pest Control 24 London is your go-to service.

Operating since 2005, Pest Control 24 London has addressed countless pest infestations all around the city. We are proudly BPCA qualified and ample experience with the most severe infestations. If you need someone to handle your pest problems fast, then look no further than us. Now let’s have a look at the variety of ants you might find in your home.

Getting Rid of Flying Ants

There is nothing more terrifying than discovering that an ant can fly. Not only do they cause a great nuisance, but also put family/customers at risk. Having a flying ant or two around is a sure sign that there is a colony in the building. And once the queen ant decides to start looking for a new place to nest, it’s going to be a lot of trouble for you.

Flying Ants – Pest Control 24 London
Flying Ants – Pest Control 24 London

So, why not address the problem before it grows unwieldy. Call Pest Control 24 London and let our experts ameliorate the situation fast.

Facing an Argentine Ants problem?

Argentine Ants are among the most resilient pests in the UK. This is because they usually have more than one queen in the nest and so, are not dealt with easily. Whenever there is rain, this invasive species will appear en masse since their nests get flooded.

Usually, we use a combination of methods to completely wipe out this pest. This ensures that our clients do not have to worry about them re-establishing another colony. Are you experiencing an Argentine ant problem? Then get in touch with us and we will handle it effectively for you.

Argentine Ants Pests
Argentine Ants Pests

Scared of Ghost Ants? We can help.

Wondering what that translucent little dot that just scurried across your floor is? That is a ghost ant, one of the most prominent invasive ant species in the world. If you have spotted one of these pests, then chances are that there is a colony nearby.

In that case, you must seriously consider calling us because ghost ants can become a major problem very quickly. Not only can they be a threat to you personally but also damage your home/office. So, it would be wise to let our pest control experts eradicate them before they do any real harm.

Ghost Ants Pests
Ghost Ants Pests

How Do We Do It?

At Pest Control 24 London, we stay abreast the latest pest control techniques developed around the world. This helps us handle our clients’ problems in the most efficient and safe manner possible. Our pest control specialists undergo extensive training before being deployed. This ensures that they are capable of handling your particular pest problem with ease.

When it comes to ants, identifying the type, locating the colony and selecting the right eradication method is the key. So, when you call us, our experts will assess the situation and endorse the most effective way of handling it.

If you are looking for a one-time pest control solution, then Pest Control 24 London is the one for you. Call us now!

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