Pest Control and Covid: The outbreak of New Corona Virus 2019-nCoV; commonly known as Coronavirus or Covid-19; in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei Province; has had a major impact across the globe. Therefore; the UK Government is posting daily updates on the situation in the UK; including the risk level and advice for travellers, which can be found here.

In light of recent government announcements regarding the reopening of many businesses; and an easing of lockdown restrictions; we’ve put together some guidance for pest management professionals.

Risk assessments – Pest Control during Covid-19

It’s been advised that a Covid-19 risk assessment must be done for all businesses; with five or more employees. However; BPCA highly recommends all companies, regardless of size, carry out a risk assessment relating to the risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19.

Risk assessments are a vital tool to justify your decisions and actions as a business, should the need arise. Some key points to consider are:

  • The ways that the virus could be transmitted from and to clients
  • Identify activities and locations where transmission is more likely
  • Apply the hierarchy of control to develop a control strategy

Employee health

Employees must not return to work for seven days; if they have begun showing symptoms of Covid-19; or 14 days if they are living with someone who has shown symptoms. Pest Control services are considered to be essentials during Covid-19.

Travelling to and from work

Government guidelines suggest that, wherever possible; you should walk, cycle or drive a car to work. Although it is not compulsory; consider wearing a face-covering while travelling. This does not need to be at the same level of PPE; that you will need to wear once you are in a client’s home or business but should still correctly cover your nose and mouth.

You should wash your hands before putting it on and after taking it off. If you are an employer, you should try to make arrangements for staff who have to take public transport to work flexible hours, for them to travel at less busy times.

Pest control work on-site

Protecting people from the dangers of public health pests is essential for maintaining health and safety. During the Covid-19 pandemic, pest control professionals need to be extra careful when entering homes or businesses. If you need professional pest control services in London, give us a call at 0203 151 6812.

Read the full article on the BPCA website.

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